Dumiyah (2014)

  1. Adon Olam
  2. Zikaron
  3. Avrohum
  4. P'tach
  5. Maoz Tzur
  6. Hanerot
  7. Dumiyah
  8. Ribono
  9. Yachid
  10. Tzu Vemen
  11. Shebishlifleynu

Produced by Jamshied Shairifi is now released!!

Dream-like, layered tapestries and meditations on liturgical poetry - songs like "Ptach lanu Sheear: (open the gates) and "zikaron" (rememberance) are ripe for the "days of awe" oriignal melodies give voice to the ineffable. DUMIYAH (silence) meaning in context, To you, "silence is praise" will help prepare and embed you, as Heschel described into the architecture of sacred time..