Lyrics from Exile

Change your mind

I already know your coming back,
I’ll wait, you can’t rush things like that
It’s in your eyes seen it spin, round and round
Turning in the wind…
Come the autumn, I will change your mind,
Brings me closer to you all the time..
You’ve left before, to face your self,
Inside out, outside in, you cannot stand yourself,
You were so high, I made you high, high above me,
So high, falling to the ground..
Pick you up and I will change your mind
Brings you closer to me all the time.
Leavess will fall and I’ll be on your mind,
It will happen I will change your mind,
It’s not over, so not over, till it’s over.

Man in my head,
Alright there’s a man in my head,
He lives there without paying rent,
He checks through all of my drawers, dusty man dusty man

I ask him what does he find up there in my mind,
He says, you can’t come in, dusty man..

Do we define, do we debate, do we decide, do we infatuate do we rely do we retaliate
Do we call sometimes all of the time


I am in exile in my own home,
My real home is moving, it’s a wandering home
I give birth to contradictions, give up on indecision
And worry, worry...


I am in exile in my own home,
If I join what’s moving, I may not notice how it
Stirs in me, grows in me…


Kicks me from the inside, waiting to come out,
Screams to wake up and pushes it’s hands out,
It is crawling on it’s belly, and onto the floor,
To be stepped on by its mother

It’s an ugly think, with mirrors for eyes
With yearning for hands, all broken and wise
It screams I want to love you, it screams I want to be inside you
Inside you.


Run like the future has no past, run like an orphan, whose name has no last,
Don’t be a fool like those, who go digging and digging, piecing and figuring saying
He said she said they say, I say, when your life hits a click and the clock doesn’t tick
Your spirit is a circle with a spiral that never runs out….


Run from those thinkers, whos thoughts never change,
Run from your home town cause it keeps you the same,
Don’t be a fool like those, who hold onto their shame,
Said the seer seerseer, to the absolute believer – your stars are alligned but it will take some time,
Your lover will be here in three years so now just run away…

Run from those friends,, whose services you need,
Run from the smiling that rips out your cheeks,
Said the sunlight sunlight sunlight to the weather weather weather,
I’ll come when I come don’t wait to have fun – besides in the clouds it’s easier to run away…


Off and on

I see your tragedy, in the morning mist in the morning see,
And I become the god in me, that fashions you to worship me,
And You believe off and on….

Up from the silence, comes your praise, like whispers from the burning bush
Urging me too change, I am changed, yes I am changed,
So I believe off and on....


I have a picture of you, taking a picture of me, in my album, near the one where you’re feeling up a statue....
Now I am that statue in my dream, with my arms above my head, and your fingers always searching, for what I never had…
But I had commandments scrawled on my body in braille, you are blinder than hell is blinding,
Your senses,
If you scratch off the writing with your innocent nails, you may feel your own desire – self exploding..

I’m not your prisoner, I’m not your pal don’t even say it, don’t even ask me how it made you feel
It blowing up in steam.

Paradise Hung

“Humanity takes itself too seriously, it’s the world’s original sin..”

G-d peeled heaven away from earth so pleased was he, he got a chill in his spine and shook like a tree. The leaves shook too but with the rage of pride, the rage of pride. One leaf named satan yearned to be bigger than the tree, so G-d flicked him off, flicked him off. On the way down he caught a severe nasal retention and there he lingered on the verge of a spasm called a sneeze, the torture was called hell, reserved for Satan and his devils, never to hear the words, “G-d bless you” again.

He called the mark of the sun on the moon – light, he said, “good” and shut the light out to form the dark. He saw that dark and loneliness breeds artistic ease and let the water spill through his fingers to form the firmament. He sketched the earths depths with the winding currents, let the moons passivity have its will with the wishy washy tides.

But first I think by now, somewhere on the sixth? day, that creeping things, for lack of a better phrase, sprang from the ground, and the image of G-d was worthy of himself, he said, let’s make man in my image.

So G-d createdman a penis with a bone inside. The King James version calls it a rib. One night a pain shot through this bone, while he slept, he woke up no longer erect, the bone removed, while he slept to form a lovely woman who wept.

Man climbed on top of a cherry tree with his face towards a cluster looking down at her, one by one piercing the skin, yielding the juice rolling down the branches, letting his mind meander in erotic metaphore – this sensation was called “lust” and man basked in its promising fluid.


I am a worrier of phone calls unretured,
A self-righteous ranter of all the reasons why I’m being dicked over
And how I’m not going to take it anymore

I’m someone who takes it, over and over again,
When too many calls go unreturned,
I am a leaver of the country, and a traveler to cheap and dangerous places

I am at the core of cores aware how to be cool,
Not trying to be cool, and a maintainer of everything I’ve worked so hard to appear as natural
I am a fake. A hyper conscious jewish fake, with a Catholic habit for - confession


You brought me down in a pretty package, and taught me how to stay in there
But like the summer fall and spring, I was born to dissappear,
So I could try, pretend to be,
And I could also fall of somewhere high and scream..

You plant before me the tree of knowledge and taught me how to climb
To find the fruit behind the leaves, the seeds behind the wine,
That this is true, and I should try, and I could also fall of somewhere high and cry….

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